NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust


NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust
  • Sshrishti recognizes the value that volunteerism brings to community engagement. Sshrishti  believes that the many life-worlds and cultures of the volunteers bring the much-needed exposure to students who otherwise are confined to their neighbourhoods and deprived of any such engagements. We thus encourage regular and consistent volunteer participation.
  • Individuals, Students, Corporate employees are welcome to volunteer their time and efforts and share their expertise to improve the skills of Sshrishti’s beneficiaries from underserved communities.
  • This social investment would be part of the individual values and the policy of the educational Institute or Corporate. Sshrishti values the volunteers’ role as indisputable as it allows us to direct resources in terms of skills, experience and time towards the beneficiary community. This enables us to create a world fulfilling our mission. Volunteers can  also contribute towards capacity building of Sshrishti by providing training and skills to Sshrishti’s team members. Volunteers are considered as part of the organization and their contribution is valued.
  • Volunteering involves engaging in different activities, but the focus of volunteerism is to work in association with the project coordinators and supervisors to understand the community and most importantly the need of the beneficiaries.
  • Through volunteering activities we seek to establish a structure whereby the skills, experience and values are transmitted and shared with underprivileged students. By participating in a voluntary initiative, it is expected that the volunteers commit themselves to a set of shared standards, mission, vision and principles of Sshrishti. It is also expected that the volunteers participate in such initiatives not because of obligation, but because of drivers and concerns— both internal and external.
  • Volunteers add to the quality and capacity of the programmatic services and would supplement the normal workforce to realize the larger goals of elementary educational attainment and the empowerment of women and youth.
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NGO for Women skill development, child education NGO in India – Sshrishti Trust