Mahila Panchayat

70% of India’s women have been victims of one form of violence or another.


India manifests a prolonged and relentless history of violence against women and girls – a manifestation of the nation’s endemic patriarchal bias that manifests in myriad ways and in an array of domains. From domestic violence and marital rape, to dowry deaths, sexual abuse or harassment at the workplace, or mundane eve-teasing. The forms that violence against women takes are many. While violence and rights’ abuses persist unabated, the nation’s legal machinery staggers in recording and convictions.   A 2012 survey revealed the striking callousness of law – fewer than 15% of the rapes reported came to trial, only 24.2% of the registered rape cases in the year had lead to conviction.

Women then have been victims also of an apathetic legal mechanism, with little or no access to remedy or redressal.

Sshrishti’s Mahila Panchayat

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Sshrishti’s women’s empowerment initiative, in partnership with the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) also provides a platform for articulating rights-abuses and securing legal counsel and redressal for women from one of Delhi’s most impoverished and vulnerable communities – the Oudh community residing at Bhatti Mines on the fringes of Delhi. The ‘Mahila Panchayat’ conducts periodic workshops for rights-awareness and has weekly meetings to hear grievances. It provides     counsel and facilitates familial or legal redressal of rights violations.

Sshrishti’s Mahila Panchayant thus aims at:

  • 1. Creating rights’ awareness amongst women from marginalized communities
  • 2. Providing a platform for articulating rights’ abuses
  • 3. Facilitating redressal through counseling and legal procedures
  • 4. Mobilizing men and women towards communal vigilance and proactive action

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