Sshrishti…Nurturning the nation’s future through its children

11.9 million children in the country have never been to a school

Education for equality. Education for change.

Every woman empowered. Every life transformed.

Every 5th child in the world calls India home. And yet…40% of India’s children are underfed and malnourished.

The country is home to 60 million child-workers. Without a childhood. Without a future.


  • To create a literate and equitable society with every child and woman empowered to pursue their dreams.


  • To provide an education fostering social equity, inclusive development, and effective economic and public participation.

A Decade of Growth


    • Proud recipient of the award for Best NGO in North India, 2010 (in small category) from the Rockefeller Foundation & Resource Alliance. Finalist at the India NGO Awards 2013-14 (in small category) from Edelgive Foundation & Rockefeller Foundation


    • Sshrishti India Trust is a registered trust enjoying 80G, 12A, FCRA certification from the government. Accreditation from Give India and Guidestar India & Credibility Alliance Sshrishti India Trust follows all norms of good governance and functions in a democratic and a participatory manner.

About Sshrishti:

Sshrishti concerns itself with children – children who call India home, but continue to be deprived of their most elementary right, the right to learning and dignity, the right to a childhood.
Sshrishti also reaches out to women from some of the most impoverished communities in Delhi and rural India. From the slums of Delhi to the hills of Kumaon.


Contact Us

Head Office
Flat No.: 1, 1st Floor,
161/B-9 Vijayalaxmi Complex,Kishangarh(Car Mkt.), Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi-110070
Mobile No.: 9313748115, 9810203491

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